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Volunteer of the Month

Catherine tagging in the stacksThrought June, June, Augusta County Library worked on placing Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID) in every item in our collection of over 180,000 items. This will improve our check out and security system. To help with this huge project, we called upon a team of volunteers that we are collectively honoring as our Volunteer of the Month for June.  

Steve Altis   
Vicki Frenger
Catherine Morris
Lucy Crews
Joe Hladky
Sandra Howland
Kathy Glass
Mary Lou Glesner
Marcia Rollins
Diane Smith
Mary Kay Van Hooser

Thank you to these individuals who have spent many hours at our tagging stations. This would have been an impossible task without you. And a very special thank you to Steve Altis. He not only has spent countless hours tagging, but with his experience tagging at the Waynesboro Library, taught us many valuable tips. We appreciate you each more that you know. Many, many thanks!

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