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Volunteer of the Month – Kathy Glass

photo of Kathy GlassKathy Glass has volunteered at the Augusta County Library for four years.  She has recently been assisting staff with the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging project, especially the DVD collection.

Kathy graduated from Sweet Briar College in math and was one of the early women computer programmers.  She worked for the government in Washington D. C, Richmond and Thailand. For many years Kathy taught reading, math and history in local schools and in Florida. She also worked in the Medical Library at the University of Southern Alabama.  Kathy has one daughter and a son and enjoys hiking, reading, and working behind the scenes in local theater productions.

One of the things Kathy enjoys about working in the Augusta County Library is seeing some of her former students.  She also likes helping others. Thank you, Kathy for  all your help with the RIFD project!

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