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Currently on Display in Fishersville

We are featuring the artwork of Craig Snodgrass, a SciFi Artist and illustrator best known for his depictions of robots, androids and other automata that possess an uncanny sense of humanity.

 Large Display Case : Imperfect Impressions,Ceramic Sculpture by Tara-Marie Tramonte

From The Artist: “Imperfect Impressions began in 2003, but I actually found my artistic self in 1996 after returning to school late in life. My major at the time was Communications Media and PR. Since there were credit holes to be filled I took a few electives and applied myself to design and ceramic sculpture. It was a good match for me. I see my art as a stylized reflection of design in our natural environment. Each piece is sculpted by my hand from beginning to end. I use various techniques that are traditional, nontraditional, and more often than not, techniques that fall so far outside the box as to be impossible to I describe– but all suit the work in the moment.”



Are you interested in displaying your art or a special collection at the library?
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Fishersville Main Library:

  • Art Displays and Display Cases: Contact Ben at (540)885-3961.
  • School Artwork: Contact Robin Post at (540)885-3961.

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