3D Printing

3D printing is available at our Fishersville location for $.10/gram. Files may be submitted to library in person at any Augusta County Library location, emailed to ask@augustacountylibrary.org, or submitted to our online 3D print request form.

  1. The library’s Prusa i3 3D printer uses uploaded digital computer files to make three-dimensional objects from plastic
  2. Users must have a valid Valley Libraries library card.
  3. Prusa i3 3D printer will be accessed and used only by trained library staff.
  4. The library must approve all objects. The library reserves the right to refuse to print any object request.
  5. Users will submit appropriate files for approval to library staff in person at any Augusta County Library location or to
    ask@augustacountylibrary.org or through the online request form.
  6. Files must be in .stl, .obj, .amf, .xml, .3mf, or .prusa formats
  7. The 3D printer is only available to print objects that abide by Augusta County Library policy and cannot be used to print
    illegal objects. This includes:
    A. Objects that are obscene or inappropriate for the library.
    B. Objects that violate the immediate safety and well-being of others.
    C. Objects that violate intellectual property or copyright laws.
    D. Objects that are otherwise illegal by state or federal laws.
  8. Objects printed must be picked up within seven days of completion by the person who requested the object.
  9. Objects that are either not paid for in full or not picked up after seven days of completion forfeit the object to the
  10. Half or full payment must be made when the order is placed.
  11. The library is not responsible for the quality or functionality of printed objects.
  12. Library use of the 3D printer takes priority over patron use.
  13. Objects that take many hours to print or have multiple components may be shifted downward in the queue to
    accommodate quicker print requests.
  14. Users must use library filament.
  15. This procedure is subject to amendment at any time without notice.


Payment Accepted: Cash, check or credit card. (VISA, MasterCard and Discover, $1 minimum for credit card).