By-Laws, Library Board



Section 1.  The Augusta County Library Board shall be established to manage and control the free public library system as established by the Board of Supervisors for the use and benefit of the residents of Augusta County.  This Library Board shall have the right to accept donations and bequests of money, personal property or real estate for the establishment and maintenance of the free public library system or endowments for the same.  The Library Board shall also implement such programs and practices and shall abide by such requirements as may be adopted by the State Library Board to enable Augusta County to qualify for State Grants-In-Aid.



Section 1.  The Augusta County Library Board shall be composed of one citizen from each magisterial district, to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors, chosen from the citizens with reference to their fitness for such office.

Section 2.  One such member shall be appointed in the beginning for a term of one year, two members for terms of two years, two members for terms of three years and two members for terms of four years.  Thereafter all shall be appointed to terms of four years.

Section 3.  When a vacancy occurs in the office of any member appointed by the Board of Supervisors, it shall be filled by the Board of Supervisors for the unexpired term.  In no event, however, shall a member appointed by the Board of Supervisors be eligible to serve more than two successive full four-year terms.

Section 4.  No member of the Augusta County Library Board shall receive a salary or other compensations for services as a member, but necessary expenses actually incurred shall be paid from the Library Board’s appropriations, subject to prior approval by the Chairman.

Section 5.  Regular attendance is expected of Board Members. If a member is unable to attend a meeting, the chairman should be notified prior to the meeting. If a member misses two consecutive meetings, the Chairman will contact the member to determine if a problem exists. Following a third consecutive absence, the Chairman will advise the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the absences. A member’s repeated absences may result in a request to the Board of Supervisors for removal and replacement.

Section 6.  A member of the Augusta County Library Board may be removed for misconduct or neglect of duty by the Augusta County Board of Supervisors.



Section 1.  The Library Board shall meet every other month at a called date and time.  The meetings shall be held in July, September, November, January, March, and May.  The Secretary shall notify members and transmit the agenda for the meetings at least three days in advance.

Section 2.  Special meetings may be called by the Chairman, or at the request of any two members of the Board.  Notice of a special meeting shall be given each member at least three days in advance, if possible, and the notice shall specify the purpose of the meeting.  Only such business as is designated in the notice shall be transacted at the meeting.

Section 3.  Four members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4.  The business of this Board shall be transacted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.



Section 1.  The officers of the Board shall be a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman, to be elected by the Board.

Section 2.  The officers shall be elected for one year at the July meeting and shall assume their duties in July.  If a vacancy occurs it shall be filled at the next regular meeting, or as soon as the Board is complete.

Section 3.  The Chairman may be re-elected for a second term but shall not again be eligible for re-election until one year has passed.

Section 4.  The Library Director shall serve as Secretary.



Section 1.  Committee members are to be appointed each year by the Chairman, with the concurrence of individuals selected.  Such committees shall be established as are deemed necessary by the Chairman and the Board.


Library Director

Section 1.  The Library Director shall be employed by the County on the recommendation of the Library Board.  The Library Director shall report to the Board in matters of library policy and administration, and shall be charged with the administration and operation of the County Library according to the policies set forth by the Library Board in its By-laws and such policies as it shall establish from time to time.  The remaining personnel of the Library shall be selected and appointed by the Director.  The Library Director and all personnel of the Library shall be deemed to be County employees and shall be governed by the County’s Personnel Rules and Regulations and shall be entitled to all benefits, privileges, etc., thereof.



Section 1.  The Library Director and Board shall abide by such agreements as have been reached or may be reached in the future with Staunton and Waynesboro by the Augusta County Board of Supervisors in order to provide free use of those libraries by residents of Augusta County.

Section 2.  The Library Director shall make use of the facilities, books, Bookmobile, etc., made available to the Board by the Augusta County School Board in order to begin Bookmobile service to outlying areas of the County.  The Library Director shall improve such holdings in order to provide acceptable library services.

Section 3.  The “Library Bill of Rights” and “Freedom to Read Statement” by the American Library Association Council shall be the basic policies which govern the services of this Library.



Section 1.  These By-laws may be amended with the approval of the majority of the Library Board and with the approval of the Board of Supervisors, by the written presentation of the proposed change at any meeting and its approval at the following Library Board meeting.


Revised November 2011