Exam Proctoring Guidelines


The Augusta County Library offers proctoring services for written and online tests provided that the conditions listed below are met. This service is provided free of charge, though donations to the Friends of the Augusta County Library are encouraged. For more information about how the Friends support your local library, please visit www.friendsofACL.org.

The exam proctor will receive exams for the student, type in exam passwords at the appropriate website, return exams to the school when complete, and enforce time limits or rules set forth in the exam materials.

The exam proctor does not remain in the same room or vicinity while the student is taking the exam. A maximum of 2 exams will be proctored in one day. A copy of these guidelines may be sent with each exam to the school.

The student must have a valid library card in good standing with any Valley Library Connection library. Exams must be scheduled ahead of time and may only be scheduled when the designated exam proctor is available. A minimum of one-week advance notice is required before any test will be proctored. If the student arrives to take an exam without prior arrangement, the library will not proctor the exam. If a proctor is not available when the student wants to take the exam, the student will need to adjust his/her schedule or find another location to proctor the exam. If the student fails to show up for a scheduled exam, he/she may lose exam proctoring privileges.

The student is responsible for ensuring that his/her exam has arrived at the library and for scheduling their exams. Students must call ahead to confirm that their exams and any other necessary materials have been received at the library.

If Internet access is necessary, the student is responsible for scheduling a library computer in accordance with the library’s internet use policy or bring their own device. Library computer settings will not be modified to accommodate an online test.

Students are responsible for providing their own paper, pens, pencils, or anything needed in order to take the exam. Students are responsible for postage and other expenses incurred such as faxes or paper. Students will need to bring stamps and envelopes with them for any tests that have to be mailed if the school does not provide them. The library cannot assume responsibility for completed tests that are not received by the testing institution. The student must contact the institution to determine if the completed test was received.

The library reserves the right to terminate the exam proctoring agreement at any time for any reason.

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I have read the guidelines above and agree to follow them:

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