Art & Display Policy

  1. Primary responsibility for art work and displays in the library rests with the library staff. Emphasis is to be placed on the display of work of area artists and exceptional works by students in the local school systems.
  1. Art and exhibits displayed shall be consistent with the mission of the Augusta County Library: to provide the residents of the Augusta County area with materials and services to meet their educational and recreational needs.
  1. Works not suitable for public display in the presence of minors are prohibited.
  1. Works shall not be displayed as “for sale” and shall not be sold on premises.
  1. The artist shall be responsible for the removal of works at the end of the display period.
  1. Works with a religious theme shall be selected and displayed with sensitivity to the need not to discriminate on the basis of creed, religion, race or national origin, nor shall such displays violate the principle of separation of church and state.
  1. Library use of display areas takes precedence over any other use and the Library reserves the right, without notice, to cancel the use of the display area by exhibits if the Director determines that the display space is needed for library purposes.
  1. County insurance policies do not insure property belonging to others on County property. Therefore, works on display or stored at the library are there at the risk of the artist or owner. The placement and storage of personal property on the premises is the responsibility of the library staff, but all risks shall remain on the artist or owner.


Adopted by Library Board 01/23/92, Revised 01/18/12