Banning Patrons Policy

The following guidelines are intended to direct decisions regarding the loss of privilege and banning from library service as a result of unacceptable behavior in an Augusta County Library. Every case will present a different set of circumstances and will be discussed fully with the Director before any action is taken. This list is not exhaustive and is used as a guide, along with common sense and previous history.

Minor Infraction:  Give verbal warning and ask patron to correct the issue. If patron does not comply, ask them to leave for the day. Librarian in Charge will mediate with the patron.


Not wearing shirt or shoes

Strong body odor

Talking too loudly, shouting, cursing

Smoking, including electronic cigarettes

And others as may occur

Serious Infraction:  Ban for up to 3 months. Director will determine length of ban and will notify the patron in writing.  Director will decide if prior warning(s) is given.


Viewing pornography

Damaging or vandalizing library property

Harassing patrons/staff

Repeated minor infractions

And others as may occur

In extreme cases, a patron may be banned from the property for longer than 3 months. These decisions will be made by the Director in consultation with the County Administrator and the Library Board Chair.

Any illegal activity will be reported to the Sheriff’s Department for prosecution.

A banned patron may appeal the decision of the Director by written request to the Augusta County Library Board of Trustees. The Board will consider the appeal at their next scheduled meeting.

Staff will change a banned patron’s status to Blocked and add a brief explanatory note in the comment field of their circulation (TLC) record. The Banned Patron File, containing notification of banning letters, will be located in the primary library file cabinet (found in the bookkeeper’s office).

Staff will notify the Staunton and Waynesboro libraries about patrons banned for serious infractions. A patron banned at any Valley Libraries Connection library will not be allowed to use any other VLC library.


Adopted by Library Board 9/18/2014