Community Bulletin Board Policy

The Library provides bulletin boards and other spaces for the posting and display of civic, cultural, and educational information of community interest. Priority is given to Library programs, Friends of the Library and Augusta County Library Foundation events, and information. Display of events or information does not imply library endorsement.

Campaign materials, endorsements, political opinions, commercial materials, or materials resulting in personal gain are not permitted.

As a public institution, the Augusta County Library must remain impartial in matters of local or national debate or controversy. For this reason, library patrons or staff may not be approached for petition signatures while in the library and petitions may not be posted on library property. Petitions may be circulated outside the library at a reasonable distance from the building. Patrons and staff must be allowed free access to the facility. Harassment or intimidation will not be tolerated.

Very large posters may be rejected because of space limitations. Library staff removes outdated material and is not responsible for saving notices or for materials damaged or stolen.

Space is available at the discretion of the Library Director.

The Augusta County Library endorses, as a guiding principle, the attached American Library Association’s “Exhibit Spaces and Bulletin Boards” statement.

Adopted by Library Board 11/19/02, Revised 05/20/09