Computer Use Policy

The Augusta County Library provides computers for public use as a service to its patrons. These computers offer:

  • Access to the Internet
  • Online Services
  • Word Processing and other programs
  • Printing capability 

Public-use computers are available during regular hours of operation. Patrons may reserve a computer for a forty-five-minute time period. If no one is waiting, patrons will be allotted additional fifteen-minute intervals. There is a four-hour per day limit. Patrons will need their library card or a guest pass to sign-in to the scheduling system to use any of the public Internet stations. Patrons do not need to sign-up to use the Internet Express station, or the AWE computers.

            Patrons are welcome to use their own USB flash drives for downloads. Patrons may temporarily download or save document files to the desktop for uploading purposes but are not allowed to save or download files onto the hard drives. Only library-owned software may be used on public stations.  

      Printing, including wireless, and headphones are available for a modest fee.

            WiFi is offered at all locations.

           Internet users must have their Library card to access the computer reservation system. Users owing the library $35 or more in charges due to lost, missing, or damaged materials may use the public Internet computers one time via guest pass until those charges have been settled in full. Guest pass use will be noted and dated on the patron’s file. Once the account is paid in full the note will be removed.

            A patron’s use of the computers may be restricted at the discretion of Library staff. Unauthorized use of the library’s computers, including tampering with the system’s operation, integrity, or security, may result in the loss of privileges and/or barring from the library.

     Library staff will assist patrons with computer use if time permits. Library staff will provide advice and assistance but not support or repair.

(See also Internet Acceptable Use Policy)




Adopted by Library Board 11/16/2011, Revised 06/29/2018

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