Confidentiality Policy

The American Library Association’s Code of Ethics, 1995 states that “Librarians must protect each user’s right to privacy with respect to information sought or received, and materials consulted, borrowed or acquired.”

The Augusta County Library will protect, as far as possible, the privacy of any patron who uses the library. The library will keep patron records solely for the purpose of protecting library property.

The Code of Virginia 2.2-3705 (A) (10) states that “Library records that can be used to identify both (i) any library patron who has borrowed material from a library and (ii) the material such patron borrowed” are excluded from the provisions of The Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

Accordingly, when any local, state, or federal official or a private citizen seeks to gain access to library circulation records or patron files, library personnel shall not reveal any personal data on library users or allow access to such records or files. The individual(s) shall be referred to the Library Director.

The Director shall withhold any information to be used for non-library purposes until served with a legal process, order, or subpoena. Upon receipt of any such process order or subpoena, the Director shall advise the County Attorney.

No records will be released until the County Attorney determines that such process, order, or subpoena is in order and in full compliance with proper legal authority, whether local, state, or federal in nature.

Parents or legal guardians may have access to the records of their children aged 17 or under.


Adopted 08/19/2003 Revised 03/18/04, Reaffirmed 05/19/2010