Meeting Room Policy

Our meeting rooms are currently unavailable due to COVID. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In an effort to provide the agencies, organizations, clubs and other groups in the county with a place to meet or hold public gatherings, the Augusta County Library and its branches will make available its meeting rooms under the following conditions:

  1. Groups wishing to use a meeting room shall make written application through the library. The Director of the Library will be the final approving authority for all applications.
  1. Applications will be considered on a first come/first served basis, with Augusta County Library activities taking priority over any other scheduling. Previously scheduled meetings may be cancelled if a Library activity conflicts.
  1. Groups may schedule meetings on a monthly, weekly, etc., schedule not to exceed twelve months. Applications are due by December 1 for the following year.
  1. The meeting rooms will be available for civic, cultural, educational, or political groups but cannot be used for commercial or money-raising activities. Groups that use the library on a regular basis are encouraged to make a donation to the Friends of the Library.
  1. The meeting rooms will not be available for the benefit of private social events such as, but not limited to, parties or showers.
  1. Organizations may charge fees to cover the expenses of the meeting (lecture fees, dinner expenses, etc.), but no direct sales will be permitted in the meeting rooms.
  1. The capacity of a meeting room will be determined by the Augusta County Fire Department and the Code of Augusta County and may not be exceeded.
  1. Organizations will clear the meeting room no later than five minutes before library closing time.
  1. Meetings scheduled to begin or end when the library is not open or that continue after the posted library closing will require the organization to schedule and pay for, in advance, a member of the library staff to be on the premises. (Hourly cost, or any part of an hour, $25.00.) The Churchville and Stuarts Draft meeting rooms may be used after hours if prior arrangement is made with the Branch Manager.
  1. Participants of meetings before or after library hours are not permitted in any other areas of the library.
  1. Due to the nature of the library as a public facility, privacy cannot be guaranteed.
  1. Extra tables and chairs are available at the Main Library in Fishersville and at the Churchville Branch if groups need to change the seating arrangements. Staff is not available for moving furniture.
  1. Refreshments, dinners, etc. may be served. Limited kitchen facilities are available at the Main Library and at the Churchville Branch.
  1. Groups using the library are responsible for cleaning up all areas that they have used, and returning chairs/tables to original locations. Groups with permission to store materials must place them in the designated area at the conclusion of each meeting.
  1. Any publicity concerning meetings scheduled at an Augusta County Library location should clearly state that neither Augusta County nor the Augusta County Libraries are sponsors or, nor endorse any such meeting or event.
  1. The Augusta County Library is not responsible or liable for damages caused to the user or his or her property while using (or storing items in) Library facilities. Augusta County and the Augusta County Library will be held harmless from a liability to third parties for injury caused by the group or any persons or groups while using the Library facilities.
  1. Groups not meeting the above conditions may have future requests for the use of the facilities denied and may incur cleanup or damage charges.


Please notify the library if your meeting is cancelled so others may use the room.



Revised 10/03/98, Revised 07/21/2010, Revised 05/26/2016, Revised 05/25/2017