Overdue Policy

In an effort to bring overdue items back to the library in a timely manner, the Augusta County Library Board of Trustees has established the following policy:

Overdue notices, which include replacement costs, are generated when items are two weeks past due. Overdue fines are $.10 per day per item with a maximum fine per item of $2.00.  Materials returned after the grace period will calculate fines from the due date.

Patrons will be blocked from borrowing materials at any Valley Libraries Connection library once an item is four weeks overdue and/or once they accumulate a fine of $10.00 or more. The librarian-in-charge has the authority to waive or modify this policy.

Children and teens will not be charged overdue fines on items from the Easy, Juvenile, or Young Adult collections.

Interlibrary loans are marked with the due date. Overdue notices are not mailed, but patrons will be phoned when the item is two days overdue. Interlibrary loans will be fined $1.00 per day overdue.

The Valley Libraries Connection works with an approved collection agency. When overdue items or fines exceed $35.00, a patron’s account is forwarded to the collection agency and a $10 service charge is added to the account balance. Patrons will be allowed to establish a payment plan by completing the Library’s Payment Plan Agreement form, paying the $10.00 collection agency service charge, and paying the first monthly installment. The monthly installment must be at least $10.00 or 10% of the account balance, whichever is greatest. Failure to comply with the terms of the payment plan (within a two- week grace period) will constitute grounds for resuming the collection agency process. A copy of the Payment Plan Agreement form is attached to this policy.

Patrons who have a library debt discharged in bankruptcy will have overdue fines waived, however, if items are still outstanding, borrowing privileges will not be reinstated until materials are returned or other arrangements are made.     

Adopted by Library Board 06/30/97, Revised 02/9/01, 03/18/09, 11/29/2017