Public Relations and Information Policy

To insure timely and effective communications with the public, the Augusta County Library Board of Trustees adopts the following Public Relations and Information Policy.


  1.   Promote community awareness of the Augusta County Library and its services.
  2.   Stimulate public interest in and usage of the Augusta County Library.
  3.   Create public understanding and support of the Augusta County Library and its role in the community.
  4.   Develop an annual Public Relations and Information Plan.
  5.   Promote cooperation between county departments, local schools, and area organizations and the Augusta County Library.

Proposed Methods:

  1.   Inform local media through press releases, public service announcements, photo opportunities, and cordial relations.
  2.   Publish newsletters, program flyers, and other print communications.
  3.   Utilize website, social media, email, and other electronic communications.
  4.   Maintain personal and group contacts with government officials, community leaders, service clubs, civic associations, schools, and other area organizations.
  5.   Provide programs, classes, exhibits, and other library-centered activities for all ages.
  6.   Survey users, non-users, and other segments of the population for service and reading preferences.
  7.   Provide staff training and development in customer service, readers’ advisory, and marketing techniques.
  8.   Create attractive displays to stimulate circulation.
  9.   Recruit and train volunteers to assist the staff in fulfilling the library’s mission, goals, and objectives.
  10.   Visit area schools, daycare centers, and nursery schools to provide puppet shows, storytelling, and book talks to stimulate library use.
  11.   Participate in local events such as parades, festivals, and other community celebrations. Collaborate with local agencies such as Parks & Recreation, Social Services, Chamber of Commerce and schools to promote library services and issue library cards.

The Library Director or a designated staff member shall have the responsibility for coordinating the Augusta County Library’s public relations and public information activities.


Adopted by Library Board 11/20/96, Revised 07/21/16