Website Policy

The Augusta County Library maintains a website to support its mission by providing public and staff access to educational and informational resources in electronic format. The website provides a dynamic collection of links and content on a variety of subjects for users of all ages and levels of experience. The information includes, but is not limited to, a web-based catalog of print and multimedia materials owned by members of the Valley Libraries Connection, online databases, electronic books, information on Library programs and services, and links to other selected websites.

Library staff recommends websites to the library webmaster based upon their informational and/or educational value. Factors that will be considered when evaluating sites include:

  • The primary intent of the website is to educate or inform.
  • The site’s owner or sponsor is easily identifiable, and contact information is provided.
  • The site is stable, no fees required, and is consistently available.
  • The site is well organized, has clear instructions, is easy to use, uncluttered and cleanly designed, any graphics enhance content, and does not frame other sites content.
  • The site’s content is authoritative, documented, verifiable, accurate, updated regularly, and subject matter is appropriate.
  • Whether the site promotes a specific religious, political, or social agenda.
  • Preference may be given to educational (.edu), governmental (.gov), and non-profit organization sites (.org)

Since website content may change or disappear entirely without notice, the library cannot be held responsible for the content or accuracy of websites not maintained by the Augusta County Library staff. Library staff will make every effort to keep links current, but will encourage website visitors to inform the webmaster at if they find a link that no longer functions or that is inconsistent with the above stated criteria.

In view of the ever-changing nature of the Internet, the Augusta County Library requests that you comply with the following guidelines when linking to our Web site.

  • Please link to our Augusta County Library home page at
  • Please contact our Webmaster at to advise us that you are linking to our site. Also indicate the URL on your site that links to our site. The Augusta County Library reserves the right to revoke our consent to the link to our site at any time and without specific reason being stated.
  • Do not incorporate any of our content into your site through the use of framing or in-lining. Do not misrepresent our site with association to your site.
  • If you republish any portion of our site’s content, please contact our Webmaster at to request a written release prior to publication. This does not insure permission will be granted.
  • Images from our pages including, but not limited to, the Library Seal, photos, etc. may not be duplicated or downloaded. Misrepresenting the County or the Library will be deemed fraud.

The library reserves the right to deny any and all requests for links, and to sever existing links at any time. Questions regarding links and linking to the website should be addressed to the webmaster.


Adopted by Library Board 11/18/09