Self-Published Books Policy

The Augusta County Library welcomes the growing opportunities that new self-publishing methods offer local writers for expression. We receive many requests from out of area and local authors to add their self-published books. Typically, these works have not received reviews in standard published sources (Library Journal, Booklist) and may not meet the criteria that the Library normally sets for inclusion in its collections. We desire to support local authors while maintaining the standards needed in the permanent collections and have subsequently set specific guidelines for inclusion of self-published materials. Authors wishing to contribute books to the library must meet the criteria listed below:

Selection Conditions:

  1. Authors must be Augusta County, Staunton, or Waynesboro residents, or the book must take place in Augusta County or the Shenandoah Valley, or otherwise demonstrate a strong local interest.
  2. Each book must be approved by the appropriate librarian before being accepted for placement.
  3. Books will be accepted as donations from the author or publisher; however, at the discretion of the Director or Acquisitions Librarians, a book may be considered for purchase if published reviews in standard sources are available or there is strong evidence of appropriateness.
  4. Books will not be purchased at patron request unless they have been reviewed in standard sources. Patrons may donate copies of authors’ self-published books. These will be evaluated in accord with the Library’s gift policy and are not guaranteed inclusion in the collection.
  5. Self-published family histories or other similar genealogical materials will be added to the Special Collection at the discretion of the Adult Services Librarian or the Director.
  6. Materials that are donated become the property of the Augusta County Library and as such cannot be returned to the donor.

Cataloging/Circulation Conditions:

  1. A brief listing for the book will be created in the catalog so that borrowers may access them by title or author.
  2. Books will be processed with a barcode and ACL ownership markings.
  3. Items will be clearly labeled as a local author.
  4. Items will rotate out of the collection and may be withdrawn after one year, unless they have circulated regularly.


Adopted by Library Board 09/19/2013