Use of County Vehicles (County)


The purpose of this policy is to establish the rules and regulations for the use of County vehicles.

Availability of Vehicles:

The County will provide vehicles for the use of employees in the conduct of regular County work. Some employees will have a vehicles assigned to them for their individual use. For other employees having occasional need of use a vehicle to carry out their work, the County will maintain a small fleet of pool vehicles.

Vehicle Operation:

The following rules apply to the operation of County vehicles:

  1. The employee is responsible for having a valid operator’s permit and obeying all traffic laws. Any violation of the law will be the sole responsibility of the individual and the County will assume no liability for incidents occurring due to same.
  2. The County will provide registration, licenses and insurance for each County vehicle.
  3. The employee shall, prior to use of a vehicle, make an inspection of the vehicle to verify that it can be legally operated on the highway.
  4. The employee is responsible for verifying that the vehicle is fueled, equipped and serviced in a manner that it can be safely operated.
  5. Each operator of a vehicle shall report all incidents, accidents or other usual occurrences immediately upon returning to their work station.
  6. When operating a pool vehicle, the employee shall ensure that the vehicle has at least a half-tank of fuel available for the next user.
  7. All vehicle occupants shall wear seatbelts at all times in County vehicles.

Vehicle Maintenance:

For all assigned vehicles, the employee shall be responsible to ensure that all required and appropriate maintenance is performed in a timely fashion. The employee shall take the vehicle to the maintenance garage for services, maintenance, inspection and other required services.

For pool vehicles, the department head overseeing the pool vehicle shall be responsible for seeing that all pool vehicles are taken to the maintenance garage for servicing, maintenance, inspection and other required service.

Vehicle Security:

All County vehicles shall be closed up and locked when left unattended and out of sight of the employee.